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"It is easy not to offend anyone when there are no lines drawn in the sand"

Come Join Us For Marriage & Family Dynamics Series Beginning April 28
6:00 pm. 701 1st Street NW, Hickory.
Registration is Required

Church in Hickory, NC: Sunday's 6:00 pm.

Meet in the Teen Center at the YMCA

701 1st Street NW, Hickory, 28601

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Deeper Together

Churches in Hickory. Churches in Hickory, NC

Come partner with Line In The Sand Church while we discover together how to draw lines in the sand on issues of God's Word, Evangelism, Family, and community. With a culture saturated in propositions such as, "your truth is your truth, and my truth is my truth", and where biblical principles are decoupling and under attack;

it becomes vital to not just know what we believe, but why we believe it.

Order of Service

  • Meet and Greet (5:45-6:00 p.m.)

  • Announcements (6:00-6:15).

  • Worship (6:15-6:30).

  • Sermon (6:30-7:00). 

  • Christian Apologetic (7:00-7:15). Apologetics is offering a defense to the Christian worldview. Pastor Benjamin will engage with common objections to Christianity, answer questions from the congregation, and provide an overall defense for Christianity. For example, one such objection that is common is, "If God is all powerful, then why doesn't He stop evil. Doesn't He care enough to do something about it? Please submit your objections/questions to our "Questions" Tab. 

  • Dismissal (7:15). 

Churches in Hickory, NC
Churches in Hickory, NC
Churches in Hickory, NC
Churches in Hickory
Churches in Hickory, NC
Churches in Hickory
Churches in Hickory, NC. Churches near me
Churches in Hickory

Test Drive A Sermon

Coming Soon...

    What To Expect

  • Organic and Transparent People.

  • Easy access parking.

  • Coffee (of course)

  •  A Free Gift for First Time Visitors.

  • Relevant but biblical sermons.

  • Pool tables and air hockey for the whole family.

  • Meet the Pastor personally!

Upcoming Monthly Sermon Series

God's Word

  • Hebrews 4

  • Primary purpose of God's Law

  • Sanctification (Blood and Water)

  • How to read and understand the Bible


  • I do not believe in Atheists

  • Answering Objections to Christianity 

  • The importance of the Gospel

  • Is loving someone into the Kingdom a biblical principle?


  • Marriage

  • Sex

  • Children

  • Finances


  • Relationships

  • Loneliness and Isolation

  • Overcoming the 1st offense

  • Church service

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